Completed more than 800 projects in HK, Macau and China approx 20 years experiences

連續近 20 年在港澳地區及中國大陸已經完成了超過  800 個地暖項目 4600 套地暖專用發熱線系統

我們的專家已經有超過 20 年地暖系統 (電熱式及水暖式) 的設計、安裝及維修保養經驗



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Contact person: Larry (35233296/ 93091403)


Art Decorative heater (藝術裝飾電熱式散熱板)

art decorative heater,藝術發熱

decorative heaters decorative heating system decorative heaters



  • Supplied, designed and made from France

  • Tempered glass/ stainless steel frame/ high temperature coating

  • Wall mounted stylish glass radiators

  • Maximum energy saving

  • Fast response

  • Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc.

  • Comfortable radiant heating

  • Emits a natural sort of infra red heat very close to the human body's heat

  • Optional accessory towel dry rails

  • With  patented heating film

  • Monometal

  • Even heat over the whole surface

  • Class II with IP44

  • Easy for install

  • In 230V/50Hz/1ph with 400W to 1100W power output

  • Made in Europe (Not made in China)

International Certifications: 

Heating Films: IP 55

IEC 60335-1; IEC 60335-2; IEC 62233

EN 60335-1; EN 60335-2; EN 62233 (CE approval)

Supplied by Heat Force UK Ltd./S&B

Please contact us if you need any further information

Contact person: Larry (35233296/ 93091403)



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